I'm getting the final pieces in place for a CS597 Independent Study project for the Spring 2009 semester. This one will be extremely interesting and should put everything I've learned so far into practice. I've been interested in virtual machines for as long as I've known about them, and over the last few years (as they've become practical on desktop machines), I can't imagine computing without having a VM (and the VMM) available.

Jacob Gorm Hansen did some excellent research on self-migrating (virtualized) operating systems in the past few years, and his work is the spark that ignited my interest in this semester's project. I hope to do something slightly different by designing and developing an autonomously self-migrating VM (an encapsulated operating system). More than just a self-aware load-sharing feature or a self-distributing scheduling feature for cluster-based computation, this would be an entity that could move about in a networked environment, maintaining its data and state, and moving based on input from outside of the VM.

I'm using a separate blog for that project (androiddreams.net), and I'll update my generic VM blog at times as well.